Another round of showers was just beginning to peter out. A few hesitant drops of water managed to land on the lush green leaves of the trees and bushes. This patch of protected land was much greener than the concrete jungle that existed just miles away. It was enriched with its own set of flora and fauna. The unseasonal rains would bring in a sense of relief to the inhabitants. They needed the respite from the blazing heat of the June sun.

A lone tarred road cut through the patch and in the distance a lone scooter could be heard. At this point, one of the most handsome residents of this mini-paradise, a peacock, cut across the road in a flash. He seemed to be well-aware of the dangers that existed on this out-of-place long, black snake-like path. As soon as he reached his destination, he resumed his graceful gait. Eternity seemed to pass everytime he took the next step. He would look all around him as if to ensure there were no unpleasant surprises and move forward. Suddenly he paused and stared intently to his left. He twitched his small head and appeared to be checking something. A little while later his neck stood upright and he seemed to have decided on whatever it was he was deciding about. In a slow and beautiful motion, he fluttered his feathers and a bright combination of colours formed a perfect semi-circle. He was all ready to perform his dance. Around a few yards to his left was the cause of this joyful celebration in him. A peahen was standing with an almost disinterested demeanour around her. She seemed to be enjoying the pleasant weather. What followed next was an hour of the most impressive and continous flirting behaviour by a male in the animal kingdom.

Four kilometres down the same tarred road, Ram Lal entered his two-room shack after his work in the sheet metal workshop in the city. His wife, Devi, came out of the tiny makeshift kitchen on hearing his footsteps. Ram Lal brought forward his carefully preserved gift of a garland of flowers for Devi. She was overjoyed. She smiled and hugged him. She sensed that he was drenched and ran in to fetch him a towel.

Ram Lal had never danced for his wife. But, he had spent an hour after work, getting drenched in the rain to get her the flowers


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