Laying down next to
my little girl, I
stare at the fan.
She turns to me,
and asks, ‘Tell me
a story’, with eyes
so moving, my heart
refuses to say No.

A tale about rabbits
I narrate to her, amused
and inspired by a
face engrossed.
She asks questions,
demands quick answers
Quick to spot my quirks,
she keeps me on toes

So it goes, night
after night as I
make up stories
about hares and cats,
about religion and politics,
about old man and woman,
about a little girl who
likes stories

Laying down next to
my little girl, I
stare at the fan.
I turn to look at
her, and wish she
would ask with her
pearly eyes, ‘Will
you not tell me a


9 thoughts on “Story-Time

  1. Hey, good one! Discomfiting, yes, but nice :)

    Happy blogging in wordpress! I see you could not find a way to import your blogs and comments to this blog. :(

  2. Thanks Shruthi :) Yes, all attempts in vain! Guess had to face this problem sometime or the other, with Rediff being so unfriendly!

  3. big girl says:

    :)quite an edgy feel to the poem…..otherwise very sweet shreyas gopinath
    ps:i have heard of pearly teeth before….who is this little girl with pearly eyes?

  4. Thank you very much Big Girl :) I will reply to your edgy feel once I find out what edgy means :)

    Hmm.. let us say she’s a pearl of a girl

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