‘What? What do you mean same dream?’, he asked, looking incredously at me.

‘Yes man. Same frigging dream on the same night. I dreamt about X last night. And she dreamt about X too last night!’, I remarked casually. Though I knew it was anything but casual. The girl I loved had a dream about us. Us. She and I, us. I was excited but I was in no way going to betray my emotions. After all I had a reputation to care for.

Discarding that Business World in his hands to the netherworld realms of the sofa, Vikram sat up straight, with a look that was to convey he meant business.

‘Stop screwing around and kick that vagueness away. What the hell is this X??’, he asked.

I was beginning to wonder if it was a good idea to tell him this in the first place. Guys don’t talk about such stuff, Rational Me growled. Free Me, though, was excitedly shouting, ‘Who cares! who cares! She dreamt about you!’.

‘Umm… even I don’t remember exactly…. Something about how both of us are going around and stuff’. I had taken the middle path and neither of my alter-egos seemed happy. I was uncomfortable talking about such stuff. Especially about her.

And Vikram knew that. He sensed I was done telling him stuff, and with a smile that strectched ear-to-ear, he said, ‘Good show my boy! The dream’s an ominous sign of things to come, eh?’

‘I don’t know… I hope so’, I mumbled unsurely. But, I was happy surely. To know that someone you love and care for thinks about you gives you that warm feeling of happiness that can only come, say with a divine combination, of an unexpected rain-holiday plus a brand new episode of Seinfeld plus a bar of Dairy Milk Fruits and Nuts plus a surprise Playstation gift plus a cracker of a test match, all on the same day.

Vikram was still smiling at me. I turned and asked, ‘What?’.

He said, ‘You are grinning like the village idiot’

I got up, and said, ‘Yeah right! Bahut bhookh laga hai yaar….Kya bana hai aaj?’

He shouted back, ‘Lagi! Not laga. Tum madrasi kab seekhoge!’


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