About Economics

One of my most favourite topics to read about, and learn, is economics. Now, most people I know groan at the mention of this subject because the common perception is that economics translates to something boring, trite and what ‘oldies’ talk about. But, economics is anything but that! It has to be one of the most comprehensive subjects that incorporates concepts ranging from complex stochastic equations to psychology to sociology to politics. Very similar to mathematics (another favourite subject of mine), it forms the basis of explanation for almost any and every day-to-day phenomena.

I like to think of myself as a generalist. I tend to have my finger in every pie, so as to speak. Be it cryptography or the stock markets or Freudian psychology or historical Kannda movies, I want to know about them and more. And, if someone like me was a subject, he would be called economics. Anyone who is curious to learn what makes the world move would definitely be using economics in one way or the other. That is the beauty about economics – Most people are masterful economists without realizing it! It is a field that welcomes all to learn and lays it open for anyone to contribute. It is enriched by debates, discussions and theorizing. There is no limit to the scope of applying economic theories and concepts. It is virtually everywhere.

And speaking of everywhere, the Internet has spawned a slew of blogs that cater to eco-junkies like me. As this article says, it is not a bad thing at all. The whole information-exchange just adds to making pursuit of economics that much more interesting!

So, you see a new category of blog-links on my blog called Economics. Since I derive joy in reading things that are fresh, non-verbose and insightful, I linked to blogs that I believe are that. Let me know if you know of any other. Happy Eco-surfing!

About Economics

5 thoughts on “About Economics

  1. That’s interesting! I also like to have my finger in every pie, as you said, and it bugged me that I did not like economics – until my father started pointing me to some good articles in the Economic Times – then I realized that economics is not all drab numbers, but it is a different way to look at the world. But even then, I confess, economics is not among my top likes ;)

  2. Lol! But you at least tried to like it! It really is quite the logical way to look at the world ,if you ask me. But, mind you, it’s a biased opinion ;)

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