It’s a Strange World

As an open and unabashed fan of quirks in humans and other animals, I was thrilled to come across this section called ‘Human Nature’ on Slate. What else can you be when you see sumptous headlines like ‘A Japanese woman gave birth to her grandchild’. Clicked it, didn’t you?

These pieces by William Saletan are such a delight because:

a. They are small, concise and interesting.

b. He always includes perspectives from different stakeholders. For e.g. how contrasting would the democratic and conservative views be.

c. He shares my fascination with the strange ways of men and women of this earth.

If you are a prude ( the kind who says ‘Yeww’ at the mention of test-tube baby), stay away. But, if you are not and are wondering what to do with the office broadband, join me in appreciating the wierd ways of our world. 

It’s a Strange World

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