Who will sing now?

I once had a parrot
I once had a pearl
The parrot kept the pearl
And sung soulful joyful songs

The parrot’s gone
The pearl’s lost
I sing those songs
to relive memories
But I find neither soul
nor the joy

Who will sing now?

10 thoughts on “Who will sing now?

  1. Yeah… I took the liberty of assuming that myself.
    Btw, don’t worry too much… there’ll be lots more parrots.
    It is the pearl you need to get back! what say?

  2. Frankly,i don’t like the idea of “There wil be lot more parrots”!!

    sometimes it is not the pearl really……….it is the pearl held by that parrot in question.

    HAving said that,there are other interesting parrots around..u just need to open ur eyes ;)

    That said,wonderful work :)) i read it yesterday and sent that “wow” sms.I have a lots to say about it…but cant get to put them in words here.Will discuss :)

    and like i said “come of age”

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