Values – My two cents

Ay Maties, Personal self-realizatory glowing post follows: 

I first formally studied about beliefs, values, attitudes et al in Kotler’s bible of Marketing. The definitions seemed so pedantic and abstract to me that I still recall the power-point slides that contained them because I had to memorize it by rote. They looked like terms for very similar stuff and I could not care to be bothered to understand them.

 I still do not understand most of them. But, I think I kind of realize what values are and, more importantly, I think I know what my values are. The way I see it, value-system is like one’s own personal moral compass. Much like Jack Sparrow’s compass. It is what guides you at a very primitive level on what to do. Period. No matter what you may think, dream or fantasize, this compass is what in the end determines your actions. Often, in my case, dreams would not see frutition due to other exigencies. So, I never got around to use my moral compass at all and hence, knew precious little about my values.

But, now I think I know what value I hold the most important. It is fairness. Fairness everywhere and for everyone. A sense of fairness is what drives my emotions – I feel angry and sad whenever I perceive someone’s got a raw and unfair deal, be it my brother or some stranger on the bike next to me. Similarly, whenever I perceive justice served somewhere or an unfair person being punished, I feel joyous. I also know that this is my core value, as opposed to say kindness or love or generosity because under all circumstances, the absence (or presence) of justice can get me excited. I may feel generous one fine morning or cherish anarchist ideas the next, these do not really move me.

Savvy, dearies?

PS : Go watch Pirates of the Caribbean if you haven’t. If you have, you know what I talks about, eh mateys?  

Values – My two cents

2 thoughts on “Values – My two cents

  1. Namrata says:

    Been long goobay.. tell you what.. I value freedom more than anything else.. tell you what else.. some creeps hacked my account.. so please remove my link in the side.. I deleted my accnt years ago.

    toodle doo and pip pip.

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