Growing Up

Stare at the screen.
Stare at the people.
Surf the net.
Sociallly network.

Meetings galore.
Meet boss.
Meet friend.
Meet classmate.
Meet, meet
Let’s catch up.

Wonder what to do after 7.
Wonder what you did with the day at 12.
Wonder what you have done with life.
Wonder what you have not.
Wonder what all can be done.
Wonder, wonder
Just keep wondering.

Panic about age.
Panic about achievements.
Panic about being ordinary.

Argue about money.
Argue against marriage.
Argue for uniqueness.

EMI on the house.
EMI on the car.
EMI on every damn thing.

Reminisce college.
Reminisce no-worry-days.
Reminisce excitement.

Miss college.
Miss games.
Miss regularity.
Miss missing classes.

Stop feeling.
Stop feeling enthusiastic.
Stop connecting.

Lose romance.
Lose love.
Lose everything.

Grow up.
Growing up.
To be grown up.
To be full of hope.

A swig to growing up,
It’s fucking tough.
So, it’s fun growing up.

Growing Up

7 thoughts on “Growing Up

  1. Why did you change it? I kind of liked the previous version better :)
    I liked this poem(?), btw. Very familiar, yet distant…. apologies, I am not able to express myself too well. I liked it. Period.

  2. @Shruthi: Oh! I felt that was more amateurish than this! ….

    Thanks for liking it :) It started out as a rant but I managed to convert it to a verse :P

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