Colourful Melange – Snippet

Love the way the landscape looks out of my 6th floor window. The brilliant yellow flowers, which by the way are called Tabebuia (thanks to Metblogs), are blooming all over the city. One especially striking stretch of these trees appear on the Cauvery Road. There are at least four to five trees, bathed in bright, bright yellow. As if to complement these trees, there are also purple Jacarandas, red bouganvilla and un-named purplish-white flowered trees all over the city. I have been trying to take snaps but have not been positioned at the vantage points so if any of you shutterbugs have, please do pass on the links!

Update – Deepa, whose post I linked to, informs me these flowering trees were planted such that they flower different colours through the year. She also referred me to a book by T P Issar for more information on fauna and Bangalore. Thanks Deepa :)

Colourful Melange – Snippet

One thought on “Colourful Melange – Snippet

  1. Hey,guess wot.I got back home after work yday and the entire balcony was covered with this yellow/mustard/orangish flowers.the entire terrace too..i hate to sweep them off but u cant even walk on them u see……they are lovely!i love my resort or do i!?

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