Joy of Learning

I joined basic-level French Classes at Alliance de Francaise two days back. It has been as much fun as I expected it to be, and more! I have joined the evening batch, which means we have a lot of working people in our class. But, this class is fun because we have people from a variety of backgrounds, ages, languages, purpose but (sadly!) not gender.

A common thread is that in already two days I can see my classmates totally involved and enjoying the class. It has been like that with me always – I enjoy learning about any new thing you can tell me about. I am always eager to grasp and understand new stuff. It turns out it is true with most other people too, especially if people have enrolled for something on their own initiative. People love and enjoy learning. It is plastered all over their faces.

I think that is a truly remarkable and positive statement of human nature. As a species, we are blessed with this splendid faculty of learning, which is such a blessing. For all the progress we have achieved so far, the curiosity to learn and master every possible thing has been the biggest cause. You think of any concept in the universe – the animals, the stars, the birds, the sand, the oceans, the sky, the ice, the flowers, transport, media, entertainment – and someone somewhere is working on it. Chinese scientists are trying to get near-extinct Pandas to mate in a remote Chinese jungle, while Danish scientists in another corner are converting blood groups. Tarentino is thinking of the next big idea to shock and hook us on silver-screens while Shane Bond is figuring out how to bowl his batsmen out. Yes, this faculty is also prone to abuse, like any other skill. But, well, on the whole, the ill-willed percentage will be much lower than the well-wishers.

The bonus to all this is that we actually enjoy learning. Right across ages, you can see curiosity drives us in very happy ways. So, the wiring within us ensures we enjoy what we can do.

I think I realize this because I have not employed my ability to learn for quite some time now. The last time I felt the high of learning was when I was learning play-back theatre in the Yours Truly workshop. That was six months back. Wow!

Joy of Learning

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