Mungaaru Male – Review

I finally saw the movie that everyone in Bangalore has been talking about, a Kannada movie that even the non-speakers have been queueing up to watch.

I came out wondering why though. A little while prior to that I was wondering why the hero was annoying me so much.

I know the answer to the second question. It was because he was hamming away to glory. He speaks in riddles all through the movie. But, I am jumping the gun. Let me review :

Story: One big contrived mess of a hackeneyed story that wants to portray the tale of a heart-broken man and glorify sacrifice. Everything is twisted and turned to ensure a heart-break, though the couple is in love, the parents are nice people and the rabbit does not ring his bell in opposition. Yes, there is a rabbit, but more on him when we come to the best actors. The girl’s dad has a hole in his heart, the propspective MIL cries when the guy is about to break the news and the tops, the mother admonishes his son for putting love first and not sacrifice. 

Acting: Existent in parts, thanks to that grand actor, Anant Nag and of course, Devdas, the rabbit. Both of them would be cursing the director for making bunnies of them. Nag manages to do whatever stupidity is asked of the script with grace and Devdas looks pleasant, hardly Devdas-ish. Yes, another twist that apparently has the hero imaginint a jolly bunny on the road as a drunk, heart-broken Devdas. The hero hams and speaks only in regressive, chauvinistic, and what he thinks, are smart riddles. The heroine stands under an umbrella most part of the movie and makes goofy expressions that make you wince. No, she does not act. Rest make up the credits list.

I hated the movie because of it glorifies brooding almost right from the word go. For heaven’s sake, the guy is brooding even before the girl says a word! For some reason, many of my peers here relate and identify with it a lot. I cannot. Yes, break-ups are hard and tough, but getting wasted over it with booze and self-pity is a sure path down disaster. But, since it is such an easy and emotional thing to do, many do it  and such movies encash on their sentiments, by exploiting those emotions to the hilt. I was wincing the same way when I watched Black. Both are regressive, exploitative movies that do no good to absolutely anyone. It was also irritating to hear the insulting statements against women and how they “treat” men like “dogs that die in front of buses”. There were also stupid jokes about bestiality what with bunnies and ants raping elephants.  The girls breaks out laughing hard. Yep love blossoms over jokes about ants and elephants.

So, I am still clueless and still wondering why the movie has been successful. Even tonight, after more than a hundred days at the cinemas, the movie is still running to packed halls! I am likely to be branded an outcast for saying this – but Mungaaru Male sucks. Even the songs sounded much worse in the cinema and the scenery was beautiful but fleeting. A movie that ends with lines that go ‘ Love is sweet but sacrifice is eternal’ deserves eternal damnation.   

Mungaaru Male – Review

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