It’s a Man’s World

The New Scientist’s blog has a hilarious post:

” The Guild of Health Writers has postponed its “Getting Inside Men’s Minds” seminar planned for 16 May, due to lack of interest. The Guild advertised the seminar by claiming that the media largely ignores men’s health issues, and when it does report on them…..”

How unexpected! The blog goes on to ask what could be going on in a man’s mind that can be so interesting. Exactly. All we think about are – girls, drinks, machines, how to make money and what is the latest cricket score. That’s it.

It’s a Man’s World

2 thoughts on “It’s a Man’s World

  1. thats a whole lot no?girls….drinks….machines……….cricket score…….sounds like a lot to me. atleast your generalization gives me some hope…i was of the idea that most men(or even women) think only abut one thing……….themselves.

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