Little Joys

I opened my inbox today morning and was greeted with a happy surprise. I contribute a very modest part of my salary every month to a fund called Give India. Last month, I chose the organization to which I wanted to donate my money and after I did, I had almost forgotten about it. That is until this mail from them showed up. My contribution was used to sponsor a day’s supply of toys/games for slum through the Children’s Toy Foundation. Apparently, they have used it well and brought smiles to the faces of 189 children :) I felt happy to have contributed in some way (though clearly the people there deserve all the credit).  It’s remarkable how little contributions can also make a difference.

So, I take this chance to goad you all to do the same. Apart from making someone else’s day, the effect rubs off on one of yours too!

Little Joys

2 thoughts on “Little Joys

  1. sameer says:

    Preaching phianthropy..good! But I doubt giving alms would improve anything other than making you feel good

  2. Yeah true! I used to think the same way, till I realized there are too many excuses to not do something, than to just go ahead and do it.

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