The Way My Life Goes – Mai/Juin

Warning: Strictly Personal Post, intended to bore you but give some sort of public accountability to how I handle my life.

Last month, I began to maintain an excel sheet, detailing my daily schedule of eating, sleeping and err… exercising! I started this because though I felt I ate leanly, slept meanly and worked out like a Greek God, I didn’t have the exact numbers to prove it nor the body of a Greek God. Hence, this bold and foolish step. I am hoping to make this a monthly activity and ultimately, hope to improve every month on how I manage my life!

Well, now that all the Utopian talk is taken care of, here are the dirty facts, laid bare for all to see:


Actionables for Months Ahead:

1. Improve from 40 Mins of work-out [:( ] [:’-(] per week to at least an hour every week

2. Regularize Sleep. (The avg of 7 hours sleep is misleading; I make up for sleep on Sundays with marathon sleeping sessions)

The Way My Life Goes – Mai/Juin

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