Quizzing gives me immense joy these days. Both cracking questions and setting them. Thus, in the spirit of quizzing, here is my first quiz on the blog for all of you to answer.

Connect the Man in PicA, Car Model in Pic B-1, Man in Pic B-2, European Location in Pic C and the location in Pic D. Phew!

Answers by 25th Morning in comments












3 thoughts on “Quiz-I

  1. Here goes nothing –

    PicA is of Rod Laver outside the Rod Laver Arena which is the centre court at Melbourne Park where the Australian Open is hosted.

    PicB1 is apparently that of a variant of the Peugeot 205 called the Peugeot 205 Roland Garros.

    PicB2 is that of Roland Garros, a French World War 1 pilot, in whose memory — I’m guessing — the French Open and the stadium where it is played are named after.

    PicC is a map of Wimbledon (county?), where The Championships (Wimbledon) are played.

    PicD is a shot covering the Unisphere, the two towers and the Arthur Ashe Stadium (New York), where the US Open is played.

    The connect is Rod Laver — he won all four tournaments in the same year (the Grand Slam) twice.

    PS: Wonderful, wonderful question :) Was a little obvious once I recognized Laver. The “E D O” in PicC was mischievous and very helpful. had to work backwards for B1 and B2 though (which is where Wikipedia and Google helped :)).

    More, please.

  2. @Musafir: Wow! You nailed it pretty much and your answer explains everything I had to!

    Pic C is a 1882 map of the wimbledon greens

    Except that the connect you got was a little off the mark. I was actually looking for a simpler answer – The Tennis Grand Slam. Pics A to D represent the four major tournaments of the Open Era. But, you went ahead with your guessing :) Good Show! Thanks for the encouragement too!

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