No Bad News.

…has to be good news these days eh?

 So, I duly took out blogs from my blog-roll that had more bad news than what I could handle from Deccan Herald:

churumuri –  Started off as a good Kannada and Karnataka related blog but lately has just become a xenophobic abode for ranters and writers alike.

India Uncut – Almost an inspiration in my early blogging days, these days I find most of Amit’s posts too cynical and negative. I wouldn’t have a problem with that except he posts no real solutions to them.

Thanks for all the fun chaps, while it lasted.

And welcome:

B Rangan – Anyone with Internet and an interest in movies would have read him. I do not agree with him always but extremely well-written and sufficiently objective reviews of movies.

KQA – Oh! The joy the quizzes here give me.

No Bad News.

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