My first pic-connect quiz. I already posted it on the iiml quiz group, so if you guys are reading it, stay away! Rest of you, please attempt. Please?

Connect Pics 1,3,5 and 7 (i like oddly prime numbers):

Pic 1


Pic 3A


Pic 3B


Pic 5


Pic 7


Some Clues: Pics 1 to 3 relate to an instance of the single-word connect. Pics 5 and 7 relate to the origins of the word. As with the previous one, 3a and 3b relate to the same clue. Just making it easier for you, people.

Leave your answers in comments. Answers by Monday morning in comments


6 thoughts on “Quiz-II

  1. I am taking a wild guess. Is it ‘Lincoln’. First pic is the funeral train of Abraham Lincoln. 3A is picture of the 1929 Lincoln model and 3B is depicts assisination of JFK who was riding a Lincoln. :D

  2. Pic 1 is that of Abraham Lincoln’s funeral train.

    I’m guessing that Pic 3A is some model of The Lincoln car made by Ford, guessing since Abraham lincoln was assassinated in a theatre named Ford.

    Pic 3B shows an assassination taking plac; hence I’m guessing the single-word connect is assassinate.

    Pic 5 seems to be some writing in Persian/Urdu/Arabic, also with pictures of hookahs and someone smoking something (in hindsight, the writing might mean hashish and the plants could be cannabi plants).

    Pic 7 seems to be of a warrior with middle-east leanings, judging from his attire.

    Wikipedia and Google tell me that the word assassinate had its origins in “Hashshashin” which “was a religious sect of Ismaili Muslims from the Nizari sub-sect. They had a militant basis which was employed in various political or religious purposes”. Also seems that their indoctrination involved drugging recruits with hashish. This seems to tie in with pictures 5 and 7.

    PS: Cool connect … learnt a few things today :) … got 1 and 3; had to sue the internet for 5 and 7.

  3. First the answers:

    Pic 1 – Abey Lincoln’s funeral train (that’s his sombre pic on the tip of the train)

    Pic 3B – a portrait of the Duke Ferdinand and his missus being assassinated in Sarajevo

    Pic 3A – the afore-mentioned Duke’s ill-fated car, with the silver bullet mark in the left corner

    Pic 5 – A book called ‘Hashish!’ (got to like the exclamation mark in a title)

    Pic 7 – the well-dressed chappie answered to the name Hasan-i-sabah

    The connect I was looking for was assassinate/assassination. The first 2 pics related to two very famous acts of the word. Hasan-i-sabah led a tribe called hashashins who were rumoured to get high on hash and then go berserk and kill people with a dagger. Hence, the etymology of this very interesting word. And, also the reason why hash acquired a nasty reputation and was banned everywhere.

    Ok, i made the last one up.

    And the scorers:

    Ashley cracked the first pic and did well to take a shot at the second one too (though I think Lincoln was bumped off in some theatre)

    Musafir cracks it the second time in a row. Excellent guessi-quizzing dude ! :) Will have to set tougher ones for you eh?

    h, unfortunately, your answers didn’t come over the weekend :(

  4. Ahh… now that I look at picture 5 carefully I can make out huukkahs. At first it looked like some african place / poster about something. Great quiz… looking forward for more :-)
    BTW Lincoln was assasinated in a theatre. I was talking about John F Kennedy’s assasination. his car model was Lincoln which is a luxury car brand. But yeah this was a wild wild guess !

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