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I was thrilled to hear this news this evening. I think Al Gore richly deserves the award, if not for talking about an issue that major scientists were already talking about, but for the widespread attention and advocacy he brought in for the issue of climate change.

There are a lot of issues one can engage in debates about for both for and against – globalization, socialism, dictatorship, atheism. But, I think one has to be seriously deluded if one cannot sense the effects of climate change. As a resident of a city that has transformed itself from a green and cool city to a seething amalgam of heat and smoke, I have seen the climate change right in front of my eyes. It is incredibly depressing to think this is an almost irreversible process, and even more depressing to know this is all due to controllable factors.  

Against this backdrop, the Nobel Prize to the climate change scientists is a huge encouragement, which I hope will help spur innovative solutions to combat this issue.

Three Cheers to the Nobel Prize Winners!

Sorry for the interruption….

6 thoughts on “Sorry for the interruption….

  1. sandeep says:

    Hmmm…I am not sure maga. Somehow, there are very serious skeptics to the Global Warming theory. No one disputes the fact that the world is getting warmer. But the effects of humans in general (and greenhouse gases – carbon dioxide in particular) are supposedly highly insignificant. And I get turned off when I see Amitabh Bachchan promoting something (Global Cool!! What S**t!!)
    There is a book be Micheal Crichton about the same – State of Fear I think it is called. Might want to check it out.

  2. @sandeep: Given that all other factors have remained constant (earth still rotates in 24 hrs, revolves around the sun in 365 days and we are still the fourth planet in the solar system or any other non-human factor, for that matter), I do not see what else apart from human causes can lead to such a dramatic change in world temperatures.

    I think all the scepticism theories are excuses for inaction (or sponsored-propaganda) in this matter. I am not even in the “paranoid-club” that sceptics like bjorn lomborg hand out as a reason for this commotion; I am just harassed by the rising temperatures around me and I see a clear correlation between our vehicles/industry/effluents/energy use and rising temperatures.

    I don’t care if the world sinks many million years later but if there is something I or all of us can do to make climates in our lifetimes better, that is reason enough for action.

    @dodo: Request for a rephrase!

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