Life Snippet

Typical weekday morning. I am driving to work. In my car. A drive that is hundred times more boring than a ride on my bike.

So I turn on the radio for much-needed entertainment. Dhoom – 2 on one station. Garbled noise on a few others. A rapper on the English station.

A brilliant thought strikes as an alternative – I decide to reflect and introspect on my life. Job. Family. Think a little, collect my thoughts, sort them out and see where the hell I am heading in life. The usual she-bang.

Excited, I turn off the radio. Silence. 5 minutes pass. I can now hear the low rumble of the A/C. Few more minutes pass. More silence and rumbling. That’s it.

Turns out the idea to “think” was the lone thought I had.

I turn back the radio and listen to rap music rest of the drive.

Life Snippet

5 thoughts on “Life Snippet

  1. Thinking about life is best when one is sitting by the window in a bus with headphones plugged in looking at the world go by…… personal experience Works even when one’s stuck in Bangalore traffic…hehe :)

  2. Particularly impressed with the previous post!

    Maybe, you should blog a lot more on the places you visit….. Will be a showcase to the world, that Karnataka is much more than just Bangalore….

  3. Aayisha says:

    Life- when i try to think about what i have done, relationships, work, people, i feel my mind behaving like a pirated cd, stops working after a few seconds [:)]

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