Old Year

last year began with

a trip that ignited life,
a word that doused it

an introspection so intense
a lonliness so huge
like the winter moon
poised to swallow me

goa, goa, goa
goa, so beautiful
birthday of contrasts
of mumbai so tiring
of br hills so quietening

friends went,
friends came,
friends from past and
friends from afar
friends who lay down
as bridges over troubled waters

march was music
all old and so blue
cash, dylan and beatles
knopfler and his guitar

time for all things new
from jobs to french
to cycling and quizzing
to dancing and singing
all in a burning ring of fire

dreams came true too
grand theft auto on ps2
mantralaya to soak in
a thunderbird to zoom on
at the speed of sound

all in all a year
of events and memories,
of ducks and tons,
of identities and paths,
of friends and newer friends,
of cups of coffee and frappe,
of experiments and ideas,

of being on my own
with no direction home
like a complete unknown
like a rolling stone*

* – quoted; and with immense respect and tribute to this genius

Hope tremendous fun and thrill come your way this new year :-)

And thanks to a dear friend for all the critical inputs!

Old Year

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