Bouncing Back

I’ve been away from the blog, courtesy a whirlwind two months that saw more changes than the opening positions of Royal Challengers Bangalore. What has happened in the meanwhile includes a job (and career?) change, personal joys, family upheavals and a first-hand experience with the oft-mentioned cop-media nexus. The last of the experiences was tiring enough for me to contemplate emigration, a thought that hasn’t totally slipped away yet.

My new job has got me excited though – a role and place that seems to have tremendous scope for lot of new ideas, almost a revolution. I will write more about it once I have settled into the grind. I miss not having to wear formal wear though.

As a passing thought, do you think people who work in jobs that involve talking to people more than conversing with a lit-up screen are happier?

Bouncing Back

6 thoughts on “Bouncing Back

  1. @dodo: Hmm I agree as well. Just two days into the job and I seem to be suffering from cubicle-based laptop-fatigue.

    @Anu: Thanks Anu! :) Long time… Hope you are doing good.

  2. Manoj says:

    Good to see you back! Hoping to read a lot more here…

    A true MBA answer “It depends” 1) on what is on the lit-up screen 2) who are the ‘people’ in the talking-to-people and 3) the wiring up of the ‘people’ in do-you-think-people-who-work-in-jobs…

    … and as always the reponse is of no use to anyone…

    Congrats on the job!! All the very best!!

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