A quiz on etymology of phrases today. Please leave your answers in the comments. Answers and Scores by 7th August. The questions are wiki-able so don’t wiki :)

Q1. What phrase completes the blanks in this translated poem whose poet was also a mathematician and astronomer:

Into this Universe, and why not knowing,
  Nor whence, like Water willy-nilly flowing:
And out of it, as Wind along the Waste,
  I know not whither, willy-nilly blowing.

__________: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
  Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.

And that inverted Bowl we call The Sky,
  Whereunder crawling coop’t we live and die,
Lift not thy hands to It for help – for It
  Rolls impotently on as Thou or I

Q2. Refer to pics below. The same phrase appears on both – in one as a line and in the other as a title. The original author of the phrase borrowed (and cleverly modified it) from a phrase attributed to a US Navy Commodore. I have shaded out not just the phrase but also other vital clues that might tempt you to wiki the answer.


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