Guests Response

Not frequently invited, yet they choose to come calling. Frequent because I often cherish their presence. Not frequent because they pause my life. Like an anchor that seeks to hold tight a wavering ship, they too rein in this mis-directed missile of a mind.

Unsurprisingly, they adorn garbs of different shades, depending on when they come knocking. Sometimes a dash of red sarcasm, or a stab of green jealousy if you so wish, but usually a sombre grey of wisdom and a yellow sparkle of smiling sunshine.

This time it’s grey. They want me to talk.

“Thanks for coming. I was missing you guys.”

They continued to stare silently. I felt obliged to talk further.

“Well, you know why I miss you guys, don’t you? For reminding me. Of the courage that love lends itself to. Of the detachment that comes from age. Of goodness that ignores ignorance. Of grace that forgives wrath. Of good times that tide over the bad.”

Stares continue unabated.

“Thanks again. I like these shades you wear.” I thought it better to close the conversation.

They looked satisifed with what they heard.

“You are welcome. Unfortunately, we choose not the shade we wear. You do”

They went away, leaving me with few more ounces of grey matter and an admiring smile.

“Do come again”, I called out behind them, adding “when the times are right” on a lower volume.

Guests Response

3 thoughts on “Guests Response

  1. :) Liked the idea of assosiating grey with wisdom. Also the line on “When the times are right”.

    Thanks,its special.

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