some days


An extra spoon of sugar,
five episodes of Scrubs

A basket of biscuits,
a red juicy melon

all of them
bring no joy,
no respite.
would that coy smile,
would the mock ire,

A cup between the pair,
your part of our stanza
from ‘Dhoni Sagali’.
Both missing.

i checked, last night
for eyes to speak with
for words to wake up with

i glanced back this morning
to a door, not half-opened
to a smile, not present

so, i went on to work
where it was like any other day

yet, it was like no other day.


PS: With all due respects and apologies to him, for being a copycat

some days

6 thoughts on “some days

  1. :) wow.. im sure ash will find this immensely flattering……. how did you find this apt post to latter the ego of your traveling wife :) ?

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