my cloud

anger at the lies and hyperbole

badminton in banglaore

commandos 2

diet out of control

exercise for the abs

feeling good, thank you

games virtual and real

home is where heart truly, truly is

india is complex

joke, jarring and jeopardizing describe the right-winged nuts

kleptomaniac is a nice-sounding word

linkedin makes copy-pasting cv easier

mangoes are on their way

nihilistic is the nature of this post

oranges are my vitC shots

pratchett (terry) continues to be fun and an Alzheimer’s’

question the value of assets, any asset

riding a bike has lost its charm in banglaore

scrubs is the current favourite tv show

television is good to be done without

umpires terrorized

virender sehwag


xenophobia on the rise

youtube dev d deleted scenes

zoo of humans

my cloud

5 thoughts on “my cloud

  1. Aayisha says:

    Down the road of life…when u look to the summer of 2009, am sure you will have more reasons to cherish. I hope Catharsis as needed now wont be need then :)

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