While house-hunting

We met a gregarious lady who was keen to let us feel like we are at home. The bucket of mopey talk quickly overflowed. Before we knew, the conversation proceeded to:

Lady: So, you got married last year?
Us: Ye..
Lady (interrupting): What about children? (grinning like a cheshire cat now)
Us: Err.. not now
Lady: No, no. You should not do all this birth-control and all. If it happens naturally, it should. All these medicines and other ‘stuff’, you shouldn’t use.

I, at this time, was desperately wishing I was outside. Both of us (me and the partner) quickly finished the niceties and scooted out. My partner, whispering urgently, ‘cupboard!cupboard’. I nodded my head in vigorous agreement.

PS: Cupboard is the crypt-word to utter when either of us doesn’t like the house we are seeing.

PPS: In all fairness, she was a genuinely nice lady, who just happens to consider everyone family.

While house-hunting

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