Two ongoing theatres of conflict in the neighbourhood depict the contradictions the government has to straddle. The government lodged an official protest on the imposition of the Jazia on the Sikhs in Pakistan. The government also claims to be pressurizing the Lankan government to stop attacks on Tamil civilians trapped in LTTE-held territory in Sri Lanka. 

Note the views expressed by the gentleman, also voiced by many others in TN about the role of government in what is essentially a civil war. As a policy, I believe, that citizens present in all democractically elected countries are first and foremost citizens of that country with ethnicity and religion rendered subordinate to citizenship. Therefore, the government of any other country has no business in interfering in the internal matters of another country, be it any outrage against the communities. The Pakistan government, rightly, dismissed misplaced Indian concerns. As a foriegn government, the Indian government can, both in Sri Lanka and Pakistan, should restrict itself to condemning attacks against innocent civilians, instead of selectively picking biased causes.


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