And all the joy within you dies

three nights ago
under a fading moon
sailed my friend and his mentor

‘why are we here?’
inquired my friend

‘to talk and to hear’
smiled the mentor, asking
‘how are you?’

‘hollow, sir
i read, none the more wiser
i talk, to no one’s gain
i know
no small thrills
no little joys
no tiny fears

fond of others,
not loving
logical and sharp,
i cut others to size

i wake up
to sleep
i sleep
hoping not to wake up

i understand
without sympathy
i understand
without pathos

i follow
refusing to lead
i proclaim
unwilling to be told

i am the king
of all that i command
yet i command little
but for two shoes
and a vest’

so despaired,
so despaired
my friend.

the mentor,
grave as the night

‘how we wonder about death
in our curious years,
obsessing over its mysteries,
asking how is it everyone,
every one of us
faces death whenever
it dawns?

yet age and time
readies you for it,
for what is not
a man like you,
if not dying?

my friend,
no longer
have the romance
in your heart

the spark that lights
your day
has faded

and so has the life
within your soul

a man devoid of romance
is a man dead, my friend’

And all the joy within you dies

4 thoughts on “And all the joy within you dies

  1. Janani says:

    shreyas – wow…….. you think you know somebody and then they spring this on you :)

    it has been sometime since i read this blog – but i will now ensure that i wont wait so long to get a pleasant surprise again.

    hope you put less stuff about movies though

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