Career Blues

For someone who’s had more than his share of career conundrums, and tons of tangential answers to that super-question – what to do with my life?, I have found this piece by Po Bronson extremely illuminating. I love the article and keep getting back to it often. To gather its essence, I thought, would be a good idea to break the monotony of silence here.  So, here is the gist of the article:

1. Some jobs aren’t ‘cooler’ than the rest. Conversely, all jobs can be cool.

2. Very few (no one?) know what they are “destined” to do. Stop searching for the “calling”.

3.  Don’t follow those insurance ads. Don’t postpone dreams just to make “enough” money. Waiting to do that changes you.

4. Work is like life. It has its ups and downs. It does not have to always be exciting, invigorating or challenging.

5. Don’t ask ‘What am I good at?’ to find the answer to ‘What should I do?’

6. Your job becomes you. It moulds your personality, values and beliefs.

7. “Keeping your doors open” is a trap. The longer you stay uninvolved, the longer you are unhappy.

8. It’s not a big deal to have only one employer for life.

Well, I think the article does a better job of saying all this than the mash-up above. So, I urge you to read it.

Career Blues

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