Monitoring Expenses

For a month, back in March, I and the partner  decided to plan out our activities to get some order and structure in life. Unfortunately, though that never took off – we never made dosas on the days we were supposed to, instead settling for lazy crosswords over tea and bread toast – we did make it a point to note all our expenses on a daily basis. The results of which I am proud to present here:

How we went about it?

We crudely categorized our expenses into 5 categories – Groceries, Eating Out, Fuel, Recreation and Rent/Fees. The last category includes all fixed, recurring expenses. The rest were all discretionary to a large extent, contingent upon our control on them.

So, first up are the statistics on expenses, item-wise:

Item Wise Spends
Item Wise Spends

As expected, the rent, utilities and dance fees form the bulk of our monthly expenses. The next highest is ‘eating out’, given that I am an extremely lazy cook, quickly influenced by any ideas of ordering in food. I think this was pretty much in line with expectations

Second, how does our spending vary with the day-of -the-week, with the large and regular ‘rent/fees’ category excluded? I would expect weekends to be the peaks. Turns out it is the case, though Wednesday comes in at a not-so-distant third. Mondays and Fridays seem distinctly stand-out days when it comes to lazing around without loosening the purse strings for us.

Day of the Week
Day of the Week

Lastly, a not-so-useful graph on how our spends vary across the month, on a weekly basis.  This again has a strong correlation on when our major items are due for payment.  So no big surprises – I am just happy I get the pay-check before the second week of the month.

Week-wise Spends
Week-wise Spends

So there it is – a geeky blog post to dust off my rusty, old excel skills.

Monitoring Expenses

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