Imagine something profound here

Attempting to write after you last wrote something 18 months back has to be a challenge even for Raymond Carver. At least, I’d like to imagine it so.

But, I’m inspired to write this because as I read through my older posts, I realize this is probably the only surviving witness of my life account through the years. Hell, if at all I pen an autobiography after I’ve become a new-age billionaire, most of that book is going to be made up with words on this very blog. So, wordpress, if you’re listening – do not take off this blog!

2012 was a rubbish year in many ways. Good things did happen of course – brother got married, I made more friends at work and improved my financial savings. Happy experiences, though, are not only made of good things. They’re also outweighed by musings on life, failed expectations, sour relationships. The usual grind of life that we want to ignore but the wheels of which will anyway cause friction.

So, you search for ways to slow those grinding gears. How do you do that? Action. You can read, ramble, search for cheat-sheets but in the end the only thing that will kick in those endrophins is action. For me, cycling was that antidote against regression and I happily embraced it the last year. I can only imagine that 2013’s going to get so much better if I continue to be on the saddle and keep pedaling away. I’ll also probably write more about my experiments with life here. Else, it is going to be a very slim autobiography.

Imagine something profound here

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