Welcome to my blog abode. This is where I write to voice my views, feelings and opinions. I also occasionally venture into prose and poetry, though my blog title claims otherwise. I previously used to blog here. Do enjoy your stay here and feel free to mail me your thoughts on gshreyas81[at]hotmail[dot]com. I eagerly look forward to your comments.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Apu says:

    Hi – was reading your and Manoj’s Hash Run exploits, fellow Seinfeld fan, and now you can add me to the 1.5 women this month.
    I was looking for links to the Our Native Village resort, which belongs to a cousin, so I’m ego-surfing, sort of :-)

    I saw a bit of poetry up there on your blog. Interested in writing? check out the writing groups Caferati (www.caferati.com or http://bwc-network.ryze.com/) and Shakespeare & Co. (http://shakespeareandco.blogspot.com/ or http://sandc-network.ryze.com/)


  2. Apu: Hey! Glad that you are contributing to the numbers but sad to know it’s only for this month! Hope the trend continues… :)

    I am interested in writing, yes but am afraid still a long, long way before I can publish anything of note. Thanks for the pointers…. I will check them out and see if they find any of my material worthy. The annoying part about these web-writers’ groups is that they won’t take anything already on my blog… !

    Thank you Come Again!

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